Monday, 9 June 2014

Using our word of the week and writing about community

I am learning to use the word ‘said’ in my writing. We are learning about community too, so ‘The Bee Lady’ came to visit us. I am so proud of my story. They look lovely, cute cool and super. It can be tricky to spell words like ‘bee’ and to type the words on the computers. The next step for me might be to try again so I can do it quicker. 

I chose a picture and chose the colour. I typed the letter from book on the computer. I like computers and my story.


Mrs Kerr said...
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Mrs Kerr said...

Well done William. You used the word 'said' two times in your story!

Mrs Bovill said...

William, you did a great job with your story. I liked seeing you try hard typing your story.